Today is Jennifer Lawrence's birthday, and to celebrate 27 years of being a motormouth masterpiece, she posted a hilarious video inviting you to go get wasted with her. OK, maybe not wasted. But she does emphasize the drinking of wine, and how you guys might drink enough to start calling your exes. (Also, if there are any stripper poles nearby, JLaw might just do this again.)

The point is to raise funds for Represent.Us, a non-partisan organization dedicated to stopping political corruption. But most of the video is just JLaw reading off quotes and trying to determine if they're wine reviews or reviews of her own movies.

Watch the video for the details, or just head to The trip to California would be for you and a guest, with flight and a four-star hotel included.

Here's the description at Omaze:

Jennifer Lawrence is passionate about a lot of things: politics, Doritos, reality TV and most importantly... wine. You ready to share that passion with Jen? Great, because you and a friend are headed to one of California's many vineyards to sip on the good stuff—a lot of it. You're wine tasting! You'll swirl, sniff, sip and spit (or not, no judgement) as you hang with Jen, joke around and become best friends. Enjoy a picnic lunch, play some lawn games on the vineyard, maybe even call your ex! Although they do say that there's truth in wine, so you might want to think that one through. Either way, you know Jen—she's super cool and down for a good time, so this is sure to be a grape day (ugh, we almost made it without going there). Flights and hotel included.

Go for it. Good luck!

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