Grand Opening - Porsche Auf SyltHe's baaaack! Dr. Derek Shepherd is still regularly name-dropped on "Grey's Anatomy," but Patrick Dempsey has definitely moved on. He left the ABC series in 2015, and aside from that "Red Nose Day Actually" short and a Cigna commercial, he hasn't been on TV since. But now, TVLine reports, he'll return to the small screen as a series regular in Epix's 10-part series "The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair."

Dempsey will play Harry himself, a "literary icon" at the center of a murder mystery, when a teenage girl's body is found on his property years after her disappearance. The adaptation of Joel Dicker's novel co-stars Damon Wayans Jr. as a police investigator looking into the death of the teen; Nola Kellergan as Harry's muse; Virginia Madsen as a local diner owner who knows Harry's secrets; as well as Ben Schnetzer, Colm Feore, Josh Close, Matt Frewer, and Wayne Knight.

Epix just announced the cast, writers, director, and producing team, so it's still in the early stages and we don't yet know the premiere date.

After "Greys," Dempsey had a big screen role in "Bridget Jones's Baby," and he just recently celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary with wife Jillian, which is welcome news after they almost divorced.

Happy 18th anniversary @patrickdempsey ❤️! Through thick and thin....I love you~ wifey

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Meanwhile, "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 will premiere Thursday, Sept. 28, with Derek's widow Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) just starting a new relationship with Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), only to see him run off to reconnect with his presumed dead ex-girlfriend, Megan Hunt. Mer deserves to be able to keep at least one "person" without losing them!

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