Life is getting weird again for Colin Farrell.

The actor stars in Yorgos Lanthimos' new film, "The Killing of a Sacred Deer." The two collaborated on the delightfully odd dystopian love story "The Lobster."

The trailer for "Sacred Deer" looks like it'll push some buttons, much like Lanthimos' previous work. Farrell stars as a surgeon who takes a young teen (Barry Keoghan) under his wing, only for the boy's behaviour to turn sinister. Nicole Kidman plays Farrell's wife, while Alicia Silverstone is the boy's mother.

The trailer is set to a very creepy, haunting rendition of Ellie Goulding's "Burn." And like "The Lobster" before, this film looks to combine comedy and tragedy to paint a portrait of just how deeply weird humans can be.

"The Killing of a Sacred Deer" opens in theaters October 27.