Stephen King is either really excited about the upcoming big screen adaptation of his classic horror novel "It," or he's trying to tell fans that he's actually Pennywise the evil clown in disguise. Either way, the author recently put a red balloon in the window of his house, and fans and local media couldn't help but notice the significant decorating choice.

Several news outletsreported this week that King had quietly stuck a crimson-colored balloon in one of the front windows of his Bangor, Maine home, just over a week before the release of "It." In King's 1986 book, the seemingly innocent decoration is actually a calling card of the monstrous Pennywise -- a killer clown with a particular appetite for kids -- and naturally, is a chill-inducing sight for those familiar with the iconography.

King's decision to prominently display the balloon is likely nothing more than the writer's own form of viral marketing. But maybe small children should stay away from his house for the time being, just in case. We're not saying Stephen King is secretly an evil clown -- but we're not not saying it, either.

"It" is due in theaters on September 8.

[via: Bangor Daily News, WMTW-TV]