A Girl would make a perfect "Game of Thrones" spinoff lead.

"Seinfeld" already did a show about nothing, but how about a show about No One? Sure, the GoT spinoffs HBO has in development are all reportedly prequels, but there are also reportedly *five* of them. Can't at least one of them be an actual "spinoff" spinning off an existing character into her own series?

Who wouldn't watch assassin Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) having adventures beyond Winterfell? She could have guest appearances from her new semi-adoptive parents, Brienne and The Hound, and maybe spend more time with Gendry. (Fans have a lot of ideas when it comes to her supporting cast. See below.)

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 just ended, and there are only six episodes left in total. It's unclear how much Arya we can expect in Season 8. She at least needs to reunite with Jon Snow. At least.

Season 7 started with Arya ending House Frey in an epic cold open, and the finale saved room for Arya the Assassin to get in one last key kill. All season long, fans have tweeted their awe for Arya, and hope to see more of the serial slayer in one of the upcoming spinoffs:

What say you? HBO, author George R.R. Martin, and actress Maisie Williams may have no interest in an Arya spinoff, but if the fans demand it ... would they dare say no?

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