"Grey's Anatomy" fans are passionate, sometimes to a fault. We have strong feelings about our favorite characters, even though they are fictional, and occasionally get heated in their honor on social media.

However, one of the show's writers just put a human face on the other end of the screen, letting fans know when they attack the writers of their favorite shows, they are hurting an actual human being who cares as much about the show as they do.

Former "Grey's Anatomy" head writer Krista Vernoff has rejoined "Grey's" for Season 14 after some time away. She is credited as the writer of the two episodes that open Season 14 on Sept. 28: "Break Down the House" and "Get Off on the Pain." But in several new Twitter posts, she pointed out that sometimes writers get credits on scripts when they didn't actually write what happened, because the showrunner/others rewrite things. So if you're mad about a TV storyline, you might be blaming the wrong person.

Screening And Panel Discussion With The Women Of Showtime's 'Shameless' - ArrivalsVernoff is a co-executive producer and writer for Showtime's "Shameless," and she went to bat for "Shameless" writer Sheila Callaghan in her new posts. But she also threw in a note about being threatened over a "Grey's Anatomy" relationship.

Here are some of her tweets:

A little more kindness would go a long way.

On the "Grey's" note, that shipper could be supporting anyone, but we know the Japril fans -- Jackson and April -- aren't thrilled about the new Jaggie storyline adding Maggie to the mix. Then there's Jo and Alex, who will making some tough decisions in Season 14.

Camilla Luddington plays Jo Wilson, and she retweeted Vernoff's posts, and added some of her own, specific to "Grey's":

"Grey's" knows messy, that's for sure. We know love triangles and squares are ahead in Season 14, along with new arrivals and a few departures.

Check out the synopses and photos for the first two episodes. Season 14 starts Thursday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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