Is David S. Pumpkins the hero 2017 needs?

The weird "Saturday Night Live" character, played by Tom Hanks, first appeared last Halloween in a bizarre sketch that instantly went viral. And now Hanks is teasing the possible return of DSP.

On Twitter, the actor shared a tantalizing image of what appears to be a script for "The David S. Pumpkins Song." The caption read: "Any questions?" — the character's catchphrase.

Hanks played memorable character in the episode he hosted last fall, and he ended up earning an Emmy nomination as a guest actor in a comedy (he recently lost out to Dave Chappelle, also for hosting "SNL").

"SNL" returns Sept. 30 for its 43rd season premiere, but Halloween is still six weeks away. Pumpkins could return in the premiere, but it's more likely that Hanks is filming a digital short for the Halloween episode.

Then again, Hanks could just be trolling fans. How David S. Pumpkins of him.