"It" is happening again ... in 2019.

Pennywise will return to haunt your nightmares in a sequel to the blockbuster movie remake of "It." Warner Bros. announced the sequel's release date: Sept. 6, 2019.

"It" has smashed a bunch of records at the box office, including becoming the top grossing horror movie of all time. The movie has earned over $266 million in the United States and $478 million worldwide.

Director Andy Muschietti is likely to return to direct, and co-writer Gary Dauberman is on board.

Stephen King's novel tells the story of a group of friends called the Losers Club, who team up to defeat demons in their small town. The book alternates between their past as children and the present when they're adults. The first movie focused more on the kids, but the sequel will take place in the present with multiple flashbacks.