Fans of longrunning ABC medical soap "Grey's Anatomy" have already heard plenty of tantalizing teases about the show's upcoming landmark 300th episode, and this latest one should make them even more excited for the milestone hour: Cristina, George, and Izzie will all be back -- in spirit, anyway.

Sadly, there don't appear to be any plans for actors Sandra Oh, T.R. Knight, and Katherine Heigl to reprise their roles for the episode. But according to a new tease from cast member Sarah Drew, they will be getting some pretty convincing doppelgangers who seriously mess with the staff of Grey Sloan Memorial.

"Cristina, George, and Izzie we're thinking about a lot during this episode because our three guest actors on the show actually really look like them and remind the rest of the doctors of those characters," Drew revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "That causes the original group to really remember those people well and want to fight for these ones to live."

That jibes with the previous intel we've heard about the episode, which has a "ghosts from the past" theme. In the short promo that aired on ABC last week, we get a quick glimpse of the Cristina and George lookalikes, who grow pretty exasperated with Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Alex (Justin Chambers) constantly comparing them to their pals. And we also hear the familiar strains of Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars," which we hope will soundtrack a major moment in the episode.

The 300th episode of "Grey's" airs on ABC on November 9.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]