'Deadpool' Fan EventIf Deadpool joins the MCU, will he be the Merc with a PG Mouth?

Many fans were excited by the news that Disney has been in on-and-off talks to buy a huge chunk of 21st Century Fox.

That would, in one example, bring Fox's "X-Men" superheroes into the same company as the Marvel's Avengers.

Spider-Man and Deadpool spinoff, anyone?

But how would that work? Never mind the separate troubling monopoly questions. How would it work to blend the R-rated edgy superhero ambitions of "Deadpool" and "Logan" with the PG/PG-13 world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

That's a question that seemed to be on "Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds' mind, albeit in his own tongue-in-cheek way:

There may be no need to wonder, if talks never progress and Disney doesn't buy Fox. But if the deal does go through, it could still work out in fans' favor:

At the very least, the fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool would have a blast mocking his new company and the other characters in the MCU:

"Deadpool 2" opens June 1, 2018.

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