Showtime isn't shy about its love for longrunning series "Shameless": The network has renewed the dramedy for a ninth season.

The premium cable outlet announced the renewal on Wednesday, noting in a press release that despite its long run -- at an age when most series are shedding viewers -- "Shameless" is still going strong in season eight.

"As challenging as it can be for any show simply to maintain viewers in the current TV landscape, 'Shameless' is adding them in droves," said David Nevins, president and CEO of Showtime, in a statement. "But it's no mystery why. The series' reputation for rich and resonant characters and for deep—and deeply twisted—comedy has drawn not only faithful longtime viewers, but a steadily growing audience. And creatively, the season that kicked off this past Sunday is stronger than ever."

"Shameless" stars William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum as two members of the dysfunctional Gallagher family. It remains Showtime's highest-rated comedy, as well as one of its longest-running series.

"We are so grateful to Showtime for giving us the opportunity to continue making 'Shameless,'" said series executive producer and showrunner John Wells in a statement. "It's a labor of love (and a blast) for all of us."

[via: TV Insider]