Justice League Photocall - LondonThat sound you hear is Warner Bros. execs breathing a sigh of relief.

Diane Lane raved about "Justice League," but now non-cast members are weighing in. Reviews are still embargoed, so critics took to social media to share their early reactions. The word "flaws" comes up, but so does "fun," which -- let's be honest -- is not always the word that leaps to mind when it comes to DC films like "Man of Steel," "Batman v Superman," and "Suicide Squad."

Overall, it sounds like critics found "Justice League" to be a step in the right direction for the franchise, which just had a critical and fan hit in "Wonder Woman" this past summer.

Here are some reactions:

You heard, or at least read, the man: The post-credits scene is something to look forward to and analyze for the future of the DCEU. Get hyped!

"Justice League" opens in theaters next Friday, Nov. 17.

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