Martha Kent is a proud mama.

"TODAY" talking up "Justice League," which features her return as Superman's mom. DC's sequel to "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" opens Friday, Nov. 17, and Lane said she just saw the completed film.

She's a biased source, of course, but if you watch her "TODAY" clip she sounds pleasantly surprised to like the film so much:

"I just saw the movie and I'm very psyched. I'm very pleased. Lots of surprises, and some fabulous acting from everybody. I mean, I was totally impressed. [...] We have, I mean, Gal Gadot's amazing, obviously, and I'm huge fans of everybody in it. We've got Cyborg now, we've got The Flash now , we've got Aquaman now. So a lot more for a lot more fans."

Her "Justice League" quotes start around the 1:15 mark of the video below, followed by some "Wonder Woman" gushing:Of course she's going to praise a movie she's in. But still. It's a good start!

More "Justice League" reviews should be coming out soon, from critics and fans who aren't also paid by the studio.

"Justice League" opens in theaters November 17.

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