No offense to "Olaf's Frozen Adventure." Fans just wonder why Disney-Pixar let it goooooo on for 20 minutes before "Coco."

"Coco" was a hit at the box office over Thanksgiving weekend, naturally, but the decision to air a very long "Frozen" short before "Coco" was not so popular. It's not that fans don't like "Frozen," or that there was something wrong with the new story. That's not the problem. They were just confused why something THAT LONG had to play before the movie they paid for. It wasn't exactly a short short.

Apparently it made life rough for movie theater employees as well as fans:

Poor Olaf. Maybe if they had played it after the movie? Or made the short optional, and made that clear, so families could come 20 minutes later, during some kind of brief intermission before "Coco" started?

[via: Twitter]

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