NEON and 30WEST Present the Los Angeles Premiere of 'I, Tonya' Supported By SvedkaOof. Sebastian Stan may look like Mark Hamill, but he can't even pronounce "Tosche" right.

Hamill and Stan have had a lot of fun with their father/son resemblance, and MTV took it to the next level by having the "Avengers: Infinity War" and "I, Tonya" star perform an "audition" for an "Untitled Young Luke Skywalker" movie.

The audition ends well, but it has a very rough start. Seb is not exactly a big "Star Wars" fan, and that quickly becomes evident:

But he could learn what the Star Wars galaxy terms actually mean. And he's up for it.

Right now, Seb is busy promoting "I, Tonya," which opens this Friday. After that, he'll be busy promoting "Infinity War." He's already doing some early promotion on that front, sharing his reaction to the big "Infinity War" trailer in a video chat with CinemaBlend:

"I'm glad I made the trailer! It's wild, man. When you've got 65 actors in that movie -- it's some of the actors I've grown up with and I've always idolized. You can't help but pinch yourself all the time, and just be blown away by the fact that you're surrounded by that kind of caliber of actors. It's an epic movie by every sense of that word. That's the only word I can honestly choose how to describe it. Every scene is epic. There is no scene that doesn't have a cameo or some Oscar winner, or somebody who you've grown up with in the last 10 years of the movies that they've made."

"I, Tonya," starring Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding and Sebastian Stan as Jeff Gillooly, skates into theaters this Friday, Dec. 8. "Infinity War," with Seb as Bucky Barnes, arrives May 4, 2018. And Mark Hamill will be back as the real Luke Skywalker in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," opening Friday, Dec. 15.

[Via: Twitter, CinemaBlend]

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