As the famous voiceover from Christmas flick "Love Actually" declares, love actually is all around us, particularly in the warm embraces of family and friends waiting to greet their loved ones at the airport. Now, fans of the flick hoping to recreate that magic in real life have the opportunity to do so -- and just may get a hug from one of the film's stars.

In a new marketing promotion timed to the busy holiday travel season, London's Heathrow Airport is dispatching a group of volunteers to greet arriving passengers with a warm smile, a personalized sign, and a hug. And one of those volunteers just happens to be actress Martine McCutcheon, who played Hugh Grant's love interest Natalie in the 2003 actually, heathrow, martine mccutcheon

According to an official press release from Heathrow, the scene at the end of "Love Actually" when McCutcheon leaps into Grant's arms was voted the nation's favorite moment in the film. (We're more partial to this one, but to each her own, we suppose.) And it holds special significance for the actress, too, hence her agreement to take part in this friendly bit of marketing.

"It was one of my all-time favourite scenes to film and even now I get so excited every time I'm at Heathrow – welcoming someone home is such a great feeling that never gets old!" McCutcheon said in a statement. "At Christmas, this is truer than ever. I love that Heathrow is giving everyone the chance to welcome home their loved one, through this amazing team of Volunteers who are spreading Christmas joy at the airport and bringing us all a bit closer together this Christmas."

If you want to get in on the fun for yourself, make sure you send a message to the official Heathrow Twitter account -- and fly into the airport by Saturday, December 23.

[via: Heathrow, h/t People]