THE GREAT AMERICAN BAKING SHOW - �Cake and Morning Treats Week� - On your marks, get set, bake! As part of �25 Days of Christmas,� the most festive and friendliest competition on television is back when season three of �The Great American Baking Show� (formerly �The Great Holiday Baking Show�) premieres with slices of cake and delicious morning treats, THURSDAY, DEC. 7 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mark Bourdillion)HECTOR DE HARO, VALLERY LOMAS, CINDY MALINIAK, JC GREGG, JESSIE SALZBRUN, BRYAN MCKINNON, FATHER KYLE SCHNIPPEL, ANTWINE LOVE, NICK BRYAN, MOLLY BRODAKABC canceled "The Great American Baking Show" Season 3 after just one week of competition, thanks to the sexual harassment allegations against judge Johnny Iuzzini. It was frustrating for the fans, and devastating for the bakers.

We never even got to see who won!

Well, it was finally revealed that Vallery Lomas -- Star Baker of the second episode, which aired directly after the first on Dec. 7 -- won Season 3:

Congrats to Vallery! Of course, this is not how she or the other bakers wanted things to turn out.

Vallery took to the ABC show's Facebook page to share a message on the scandal that got the show canceled. Here's her Facebook Live chat:

As she says, in a small portion of her comments:

"Unfortunately because of the actions of Johnny Iuzzini, we are not able to broadcast the show as was originally planned."

Instead of being upset, Vallery said she was "glad we are taking a moment to galvanize around this issue. [...] I have experienced harassment, disrespectful comments and the pain those comments and actions can cause. [...]

Baking is something that we love and that we're passionate about. The show being pulled, it was a small road bump. And if that's something that I have to shoulder, and that the other contestants have to shoulder, so that we can stand around this issue and make sure that this is something that gets addressed, that women in this country and in our society have safe spaces, then that's something that we gladly bear."

Well said.

Four former employees had accused Johnny Iuzzini of sexual harassment. Iuzzini responded to Mic, saying, "I am shattered and heartbroken at the thought that any of my actions left members of my team feeling hurt or degraded. More importantly, I am deeply sorry to those who felt hurt."

ABC had responded to the accusations by severing ties with Iuzzini and pulling the rest of "The Great American Baking Show" Season 3, which he was judging with British judge Paul Hollywood. Episodes of "The Great Christmas Light Fight" and "CMA Country Christmas" took its place on Thursday nights.

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