SINGAPORE-US-ENTERTAINMENT-MOVIE-CAPTAIN AMERICACap didn't just win his celebrity fantasy football league (again), he used his "Avengers" costar's own "Out of Sight" movie quotes against him. That's next level "smug."

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans is Steve Rogers/Captain America and Don Cheadle is James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine. They are usually on the same side, but it depends on the movie. Rhodey is firmly Team Iron Man in "Captain America: Civil War." In real life, the stars are apparently fierce fantasy football rivals.

Reporter Josh Horowitz got the ball rolling by asking who won the league this year, re: the celebrity fantasy football league that includes Chris Evans, Don Cheadle, Chris Pratt, Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd, and even a few non-MCU-ers in Miles Teller, Garrett Hedlund, and James Marsden.

Chris Evans was quick to answer:

Don Cheadle was clearly salty about Cap's two-time win:

That started some truly superheroic trash talk:

Evans prove himself champion by responding with a quote by Cheadle's "Out of Sight" character Maurice 'Snoopy' Miller:

Fans followed the mini "Civil War" with bated breath, but not everyone recognized the "bitch out" quote from the 1998 George Clooney/Jennifer Lopez movie:

He probably shouldn't even be reading his mentions -- it gets nutty out there -- but that also started more "Out of Sight" talk with Cheadle:

Chris Evans is a Boston boy and he keeps picking the Patriots' Tom Brady, which is apparently something Don Cheadle is not willing to do.

It's too late for him to bow out gracefully, but this is the best way to go down -- firing witty shots on Twitter. Both gents will next be seen May 4 in "Avengers: Infinity War," which -- along with "Captain America: Civil War" -- is a decent name for that celeb fantasy football league.

[Via: Twitter]

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