One of the most beautiful parts of "Stranger Things" Season 2 could have been read as creepy, and perhaps no one is happier than David Harbour that it wasn't.

The actor was worried about a particular story line -- that of his character, Hopper, becoming a father figure to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). With the first episode, "MADMAX," revealing that the two were living alone in a cabin in the woods together, he wasn't sure how the audience would respond. As he recently told EW, the possible "serial killer vibes" concerned him.

"I was terrified that the audience's takeaway would be that this was either sexualized in some way or that it was in some way dangerous," he said.

While we see his point given that we live in a world where that is sadly a valid concern, their case is decidedly not creepy. In "Stranger Things," Hopper and Eleven form a familial bond and genuinely come to care about one another. The most harmful thing Hopper does is try to take away Eleven's Eggo waffles. Not only is their relationship not worrisome, it is touching; the two become a family after having both lost theirs. Fans saw that and appreciated it.

"I was very, very proud and overwhelmed by the response of people just getting that Hopper is a good guy and that he does really love her and care about her and is worried about her and that that relationship really resonated on a father-daughter level," Harbour said.

Granted, Hopper and Eleven had their growing pains as they adjusted to living together, but hopefully they'll have an easier time of it in Season 3. So far, Netflix has not announced a premiere date, but the show is expected to return in 2019.