There's one thing Jennifer Lawrence's diehard fans and haters alike agree on: The actress doesn't deserve a Razzie.

When the mock awards show's 2018 nominations were announced this week, people were shocked to find the Oscar winner named in the worst actress category. Lawrence is up for the unwanted award for her role in "Mother!," Darren Aronofsky's controversial 2017 psychological horror film. The news quickly became a conversation topic on Twitter, with people heaping criticism on the Razzies.

Lawrence's fans and non-fans were united in their frustration with the actress getting a nod. While most of the people adding to the chorus did seem to generally appreciate Lawrence and her work, they weren't they only ones. There were also complaints from people who freely admitted that they don't like the actress or the movie but still felt the decision was ridiculous.

Whether or not Lawrence wins a Razzie for "Mother!," she shouldn't feel too bad. She's not the only acclaimed actress to ever land a nomination -- and, in fact, she's even not the only one this year; Emma Watson is also nominated, while past winners have included Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry. Maybe we should accept this as a rite of passage and move on.