The "Charmed" reboot tripped out of the gate with its pilot announcement last week, but original star Shannen Doherty is giving it the benefit of the doubt.

Like most of the supernatural series' die-hard fans as well as her former co-star Holly Marie Combs, Doherty took issue with the fact that the network described the prospective series as "fierce, funny, feminist" -- as if they hadn't managed to do just that the first time around. She discussed the reboot with fans on Twitter, admitting that she felt The CW's wording was "terrible and a bit offensive." However, she also shared that she is "curious about their plans for it" and wrote a series of tweets about what the reboot means to her.

"Everything is a remake or a reboot. Every show, every movie in some way. Charmed was a wonderful empowering show for women," she said of the series she starred in for three seasons. "I'm proud I started a show that has stood the test of time with such loyal fans. It's a testament to the original that a new one is even being considered. And no, it won't be the same but nothing is."

Doherty went on to have a thoughtful discussion with fans, asking what they'd think if it was "not a reboot and just was a show about sisters and family dynamics with super natural powers." As the conversation went on, she discussed The CW's "terrible and a bit offensive wording" but also shared an optimistic view of how a new generation could benefit from more "Charmed."

"Im [sic] intrigued by the idea that a new generation might be comforted, inspired like all you were," she wrote. "Charmed helped us all in some way."

Doherty has a good attitude about this whole situation. The pilot announcement may have missed the mark, but hopefully the reboot will be able to bring back the original's magic.