Believe it or not, Democrats and Republicans have found something they agree on: the absurdity of a former White House political aide dishing up dirt on a president via a reality TV show.

After the first night of the three-part "Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" premiere on Wednesday, CBS released a new sneak peek Thursday showing Omarosa Manigault-Newman opening up about her time in the Trump administration. In the clip, Omarosa discusses her time in the White House, claiming that she tried to stop the president from tweeting and that the situation is "so bad."

The video inspired a rare moment of unity, as both conservatives and liberals alike took to Twitter to figuratively roll their eyes. Republicans were mad that Omarosa would follow up her stint in the White House by "trashing" the president on TV, and Democrats were still irritated that she took the job in the first place. Additionally, most people appeared to think this was entirely too predictable. Of course Omarosa -- a notorious "Apprentice" villain -- exited the White House in drama and went back to reality TV.

"Big Brother: Celebrity Edition" is definitely getting buzz out of the new clip. We'll see what else Omarosa shares when the show's three-night premiere continues tonight, Thursday, Feb. 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.