We've had workplace comedies set at offices, bars, TV show, and even police squad rooms. How about unhappy UN employees?

Seth Rogen and Lionsgate TV are developing "UNprofessionals," a single-camera comedy series about unappreciated workers at the United Nations.

That's a backdrop more often used for thrillers like Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" and the 2005 drama "The Interpreter." Can we expect Hitchcock send-ups along the lines of Mel Brooks' "High Anxiety"?

Andy Schwartz  of “Scrubs," along with brothers Randy and Jason Sklar, will write and Jay Chandrasekhar ("Arrested Development," "New Girl") will direct.

The Sklar brothers, who act as well as write, hosted "Cheap Seats" from 2004-2006 on ESPN Classic. Their more memorable guest star turns include conjoined twins on "Grey's Anatomy" and the owners of a music shop on "Better Call Saul."

Rogen's TV producing credits include "Preacher," "Black Monday," and Amazon's "The Boys."

[Via The Wrap]