"Happy Valentine's Day, honey, our relationship is set to last for ... one more hour."

Netflix unveiled Coach, which mimics the dating app from the Season 4 "Black Mirror" episode "Hang the DJ." If you haven't seen it, spoilers ahead!

So, in "Hang the DJ," singletons like Amy (Georgina Campbell) and Frank (Joe Cole) are matched through an app, which then gives the expiration date of their relationship.

The real-life version is a site at coach.dating, which spits out a link that you can send your bae. If you both click on it within five seconds of each other, it'll reveal your relationship's end date.

So, it could be a couple hours or even several decades. A personal test with a friend doled out 18 years (glad to know the friendship will survive so long).

Of course, in the episode, Amy and Frank "rebel" against the system and expiration dates ... and it turns out, they are just digital clones of their real selves. If the digital clones rebel, that means their real selves are a good match.

Happy Valentine's Day!