The CW got a rude awakening after announcing its "Charmed" reboot: The original series' fans were not only outraged by the idea, they are now actively trying to stop the series from being made.

The outcry began as soon as news of the reboot broke in late January, and it even included criticism from "Charmed" vets Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty. The two actresses called out the network after it touted the project as a "feminist" remake, thereby discounting the impact of the original show. Fans wholeheartedly agreed with their take, and the hashtag #STOPCharmedReboot even emerged. The movement is still going strong, with people airing their grievances every day.

Fan fury could not be more obvious. One die-hard even started a petition that asserts the reboot "completely destroys everything Charmed ever was" and calls for fans to speak out against it. The petition has reached nearly 2,000 signatures (at the time of publishing).

While we're not sure if fans' efforts will have any impact on The CW's plans, there is no denying their loyalty. They're taking on this reboot like the Halliwell sisters battling a demon.