'Black Panther' Seoul Premiere - Press ConferenceEveryone's a winner thanks after Lupita Nyong'o triumphed in a bet against "Black Panther" co-star Michael B. Jordan.

The two actors made an undisclosed bet, which Nyong'o apparently won. And the outcome is that Jordan now has to a push-up whenever she commands.

The first time she exerted her power took place during a live Twitter Q&A with the "Black Panther" cast. After the moderator asked Jordan about playing a villain, Nyong'o chimed in, "Can I just add to that? Give me one, please."

"Ooooh, man!" Jordan exclaimed. He then did a push-up on stage and said, "She's vicious. She's cold-blooded."

The second instance occurred at the Calvin Klein show during New York Fashion Week, which Nyong'o documented on Instagram. In the caption, she revealed she has three more push-up requests in her arsenal.

The third time took place backstage yesterday on "The View." Nyong'o found Jordan in his dressing room, where he first tried to butter her up ("You look nice today, you look amazing") and then attempted to deflect her ("I'm sure you're in a rush").

But she wasn't having it. "I definitely have time to talk to you," she said, "and I would especially like to see you get down."

Two more to go! It's the bet that keeps on giving.
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