Original Cheetos' much spicier cousin, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, has inspired a movie, and the idea is actually not as crazy as it sounds.

Fox Searchlight has bought the rights to "Flamin' Hot," an upcoming film about how the man who created the painfully delicious snack, Variety reports. The story will follow Richard Montanez as he starts out picking grapes in Southern California before having his billion-dollar idea. We'll see him rise from working as a janitor at Frito Lay to having a corner office.

So, no, don't worry: This is clearly not the story of Chester the Cheetah on an animated adventure. "Flamin' Hot" sounds instead like a truly inspiring story. Numerous people on Twitter became excited about the project once they discovered what it really was.

The project pitch was developed by Montanez himself along with DeVon Franklin and Lewis Colick. Franklin is set to produce through Franklin Entertainment alongside Fox Searchlight, while Colick will write the script.