Harvey Weinstein's efforts to defend himself aren't going well, it seems.

Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence separately called out the disgraced producer this week after discovering that his attorneys had included as part of his legal defense statements they'd previously made about their respective work relationships with him. After the two Oscar winners publicly expressed their anger, Weinstein apologized Thursday, Deadline reports.

Weinstein's lawyers had filed a motion Tuesday to get a sexual misconduct class action lawsuit against him dismissed, according to Deadline. When the two actresses learned that their names had been invoked, Streep called the inclusion of her earlier comments "pathetic and exploitative," while Lawrence referred to Weinstein as a "predator." Needless to say, their words got the message across, and Weinstein soon backtracked.

"Mr. Weinstein acknowledges the valuable input both Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence have contributed to this conversation and apologizes," his reps said in a statement, according to Deadline. "Moving forward, Mr. Weinstein has advised his counsel to not include specific names of former associates; and to avoid whenever possible, even if they are in the public record."

The gesture probably won't do much to appease his critics. Weinstein has allegedly been disregarding consent for years (he has denied all allegations of non-consensual sex), so having apparently tried to use Streep and Lawrence's words to defend him without permission doesn't look good at all.