As you must know by now -- because the build-up was relentless -- "The Walking Dead" said goodbye to Carl Grimes on Sunday, Feb. 25.

Season 8's extended midseason return episode was focused on the departure of Rick Grimes' son, played by Chandler Riggs. Andrew "Rick Grimes" Lincoln has already talked about his shock at the decision to kill off Carl Grimes. Most fans and costars were just as shocked.

But Lincoln showed a sense of humor about the whole thing, along with some impressive piano-playing skills, in a farewell video for Riggs.

Entertainment Weekly got to post the video, which starts with a very cold-looking Lincoln addressing the camera:

"Riggs. Riggs. On the plus side, I'm never going to have to say 'Coral' again. But the minuses far outweight the pluses. So I'd like to dedicate this song to you..."

He then began playing an adaptation of Camila Cabello's "Havana," with "Chandler" standing in for "Havana."

"Chandler, ooh la la. Half of my heart is in Chandler ooh la la. He came from east or west Atlanta, ooh la la. You know I love you so much, Chandler, ooh lala.

God I hate those frickin zombies. They keep eating all of my friends and famliy. But I will get to see you soon. 'Cause you're coming to London soon..."

Such a dorky dad. Watch the whole thing for his little screw-up at the end.

You can tell Andy really will miss his American son. They worked together for eight years. Chandler grew up right in front of him. They had a real bond.

As much as some fans wanted to think it was all a fake-out, CORAL really did die. Those flash forward Old Man Rick scenes at the start of Season 8 were just dream visions of what the future could look like ... including with Negan as a member of the community.

RIP Carl. Now maybe someone will cast Chandler Riggs in a superhero movie, 'cause he's ready.

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