Margot Robbie is a woman of many talents, including some very quick sewing during the 2018 Oscars.

There's a lot that happens away from the camera's eye -- behind-the-scenes or during commercial breaks. During one of the first commercial breaks, People reported, "I, Tonya" nominee Margot Robbie struggled with a wardrobe malfunction.

Robbie told her soon-to-be-Oscar-winning costar Allison Janney that one of her Chanel dress straps had snapped off and was swinging around loose.

90th Annual Academy Awards - ShowRobbie's rep rushed over to the rescue with a mini sewing kit, and Robbie threaded the needle herself. "Oh, ain't got time for that!" she joked to People.

(Side note: Recently, Robbie told Graham Norton there's a special term Australians use when they just want to get on with something: "We're not here to f*ck spiders." Seriously. It's around the 4-minute mark of this Lara Croft video.)

Before that moment, on the Oscars red carpet, People said Margot Robbie and Jennifer Garner met up to shower each other in compliments and joke about their underwear/undergarments strategy.

90th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsAnd apparently "The Shape of Water" nominee Sally Hawkins (who is DUE an Oscar) ran into Robbie while she was sewing, and said she was dealing with her own wardrobe issue: She was losing shells off her dress.

Stars! They're just like us -- and their clothes don't always cooperate either.

But really, "Project Runway" should make Margot Robbie a guest judge ASAP. She always looks stunning, and knows how to calmly solve a fashion emergency in seconds.

Here's the full list of winners from the 90th Academy Awards.

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