If you caught Wednesday's episode of "Jeopardy!" and thought one of the contestants looked vaguely familiar, you weren't wrong: None other than Mike Teavee (actor Paris Themmen), from the classic flick "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," appeared on the program.

Unfortunately for viewers, though, if you didn't already know that fact offhand, you didn't hear host Alex Trebek mention it. During the contestant interview portion of the show -- which almost always tends to be boring and awkward, but occasionally contains some cool personal trivia -- contestants discuss an anecdote about themselves with the host. Themmen said he had provided "Jeopardy!" with three fun facts, including his "Willy Wonka" connection.

For whatever reason, though, Trebek ignored that unique tale in favor of talking about Themmen's love of backpacking. It was an oversight that fans immediately pointed out on social media.

On Twitter, Themmen surmised that Trebek probably chose to chat about backpacking because the host is "a fellow traveller." Had he had the chance, the contestant "would have discussed Wonka happily," he said.

But Themmen added another curious aspect to the story in an interview with TMZ: His wife had appeared on "Jeopardy!" several years ago, and mentioned in her three facts that she was married to Mike Teavee. She ended up winning twice, and it was only on her third appearance on the program that Trebek was forced to talk about Themmen and "Willy Wonka," since it was her last remaining fact.

As one of the above Twitter users surmised, maybe Trebek just hasn't seen "Willy Wonka." Whatever the reason, it's pretty awesome that Mike Teavee made it onto TV.

[via: Paris Themmen/Twitter, TMZ, USA Today]