Team Dawson vs. Team Pacey was the war that launched a thousand (million?) 'ships. "Dawson's Creek" ended its six-season run in 2003 with a definitive answer as to which man Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) would pick, but fans have continued to fight for their respective teams.

But one of the triangle members in question, Dawson himself, James Van Der Beek, has chosen a surprising side.

Entertainment Weekly got the cast together for a reunion celebrating the show's 20th anniversary and in a video interview, Van Der Beek said he's on Team Pacey (Joshua Jackson).

"It felt right to me," Van Der Beek said of Joey and Pacey's happy ending. "It seemed like it made more sense."

As for the other triangle members, Jackson sided with his character "Of course I did! My vanity knows no bounds," he joked.

Holmes just was grateful she didn't have to choose herself. "I'm glad that Kevin [Williamson, the creator] had to make the decision and we didn't," she said diplomatically.

See gorgeous reunion pics here.