Actress Debbie Lee Carrington was a little person who made a big impression in films including the original "Total Recall," in which she played a Martian resistance fighter named Thumbelina.

According to Deadline, Carrington, 58, died in her sleep from undetermined causes.

Friends, family, and colleagues remembered her on Twitter, including Jennifer Tilly, who costarred with her in 1998's "Bride of Chucky."

Writer-director Don Mancini also paid tribute to the actress.

Because of her diminutive size, Carrington played characters from Ewoks to the Emperor Penguin in "Batman Returns" and an alien in "Men in Black."

Her non-costume roles include "Tiny Avenger" on "In Living Color," a memorable guest turn on "Seinfeld," Mimi's Mini-Me on "The Drew Carey Show," and a spandex-clad poet in a perplexing performance art piece with Rachael Leigh Cook's artsy character in "She's All That."

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