Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe, welcomed their second child in dramatic fashion, as the host revealed on "Late Night." Ashe gave birth Sunday to a baby boy, Axel Strahl— in the lobby of the couple's apartment building!

As Meyers recounted on his show last night, little Axel (who joins big brother Ashe Olson) was rarin' to greet the world and couldn't wait until mom and dad got to the hospital.

"I called 911 and over the course of a minute conversation, I said, 'We're about to have a baby — we're having a baby — we had a baby,' " Meyers said.

The New York City police arrived just after the baby did and cut the cord. Meyers thanked them and his neighbors, who had warmed up towels in a dryer to keep Axel warm.

Meyers got tears in his eyes talking about his wife, then joked, "I'm getting choked up thinking about how brave I was."

The host also shared a photo of his wife and new baby on the ground, with an EMT holding an oxygen mask over Ashe. will want to stay up for Late Night with @sethmeyers tonight if you like crazy true emotional hilarious stories about babies being born via firemen.Source:  Mike Shoemaker Twitter@shoemakermikeMeyers explained that the baby's middle name honors Ashe's grandparents, who met in a hospital in Austria the day after they were liberated from a concentration camp.