Ready to get slimed? Nickelodeon is reviving its classic kids game show, "Double Dare."

The original show ran from 1986 to 1993 and pitted two teams of kids against each other in trivia, physical (and messy) challenges, and of course, the famous obstacle course. It became one of cable television's most popular networks.

"Double Dare" will return for 40 episodes this summer and feature appearances by "blasts from the past" as well as current stars. And the familiar, beloved challenges will be back. So, yes, there will be nose picking. Yes, there will be hamster wheels. Yes, there will be wringers. Yes, there will be whipped cream.

Yes, there will be slime. Lots and lots of oozy, green slime.

The show was previously revived as "Double Dare 2000" and ran for a few months that year.

This is just the latest of revival among the Viacom stable of networks, joining MTV's recent reboots of "Total Request Live" and "Jersey Shore."