This is a very emotional time for "Grey's Anatomy" fans.

We already know longtime "Grey's" stars Sarah Drew (April Kepner) and Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) are leaving the show -- against their will -- and the promo for this week's Season 14, Episode 23, "Cold as Ice" suggests April may be killed off.

Fans are not happy about that. And Japril fans -- who want the characters of Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April to be together -- have been very vocal in their anger at the possible literal killing of that 'ship and the rise of stepsiblings Jackson and Maggie as Jaggie.

But some fans have taken that anger too far, and directed it at actress Kelly McCreary, who plays Maggie.

Sarah Drew and Kelly McCreary are good friends, but every time Jaggie has a scene, Maggie -- and, through her, McCreary -- takes heat from Japril fans. (To be fair, April has also taken a lot of heat as a character over the years, from fans who never liked her and never wanted her with Jackson.)

So Sarah Drew took the time to ask her fans to stop trying to defend her and the Japril ship at the expense of a good friend who is simply doing her job:

Many fans responded to that with gratitude for Sarah standing up for Kelly. Others are accusing Sarah of being a hypocrite since so many of her fans (and Jessica Capshaw's fans) have "attacked" Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey), blaming her for the two actresses leaving the show at the end of Season 14.

Can we all agree to just credit and blame co-showrunners Krista Vernoff and Shonda Rhimes for whatever we like and don't like about the storylines? But don't threaten to burn their houses down if they don't serve your favorite 'ship right. It's good that fans are invested in the show after 14 seasons. But it's still just a TV show.

This week's "Cold as Ice" epiosode, airing Thursday, May 10, is the penultimate episode of the season. The season finale, "All of Me," is the final episode for Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw and it airs May 17.

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