Prepare for a special moment -- maybe a long one -- during the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

News came Thursday that Chris Pratt would receive the Generation Award during the upcoming event, and he is psyched. The "Avengers: Infinity War" star reacted to his latest honor on Twitter, and he jokingly indicated that he has already written his speech -- one that will be "a brisk 45 minutes."

Pratt's tweet came in response to one written by Josh Horowitz, the creator and host of the talk series "MTV After Hours." Horowitz shared MTV's announcement about the award and wrote that he wasn't going to take credit for Pratt being the recipient, but he wasn't not going to, either. The MTV News correspondent did, after all, dub Pratt "the franchise king" in a 2015 episode of his show and has brought the actor on as a guest many times over the years.

Pratt didn't mind Horowitz not not taking responsibility. The actor shared his love for the "After Hours" host and MTV, and then made his joke about the length of his speech.

"I love you Josh!" he tweeted. "Thanks MTV!! I just cut my speech down to a brisk 45 minutes."

We're not not excited to see his speech in all its glory, however long, during the awards show on June 18.