In a world full of chaos, we've got "Clueless," and it never fails to inspire smiles in some way.

With actress Alicia Silverstone appearing in the upcoming "20/20" special "Lights, Camera, Summer!," she got to talk about the iconic 1995 movie -- and better still, we get to listen. ABC released a clip via EW on Monday, and it features a touching moment in which Silverstone discusses her late co-star Brittany Murphy. When asked about Murphy's audition, Silverstone recalls how "amazing" the actress was and how she was pulling for Murphy even though it wasn't her call.

"She's the main person I remember from the auditions because her audition was so amazing," Silverstone says in the clip. "I don't think I had a voice in that room, but I was like, 'We're going with her right? We're going with her.'"

Of course, Murphy won over more than her soon-to-be co-star; she landed the part and went on to play Tai Frasier, the new girl whom Cher (Silverstone) takes under her wing and who finds that her buns... they feel nothin' like steel.

The "20/20" special "Lights, Camera, Summer!" airs May 28.

[via: EW]