Denis VilleneuveDirector Denis Villeneuve has confirmed that his upcoming remake of sci-fi classic "Dune" will be two movies, shot separately.

Possibly that's because his last film,"Blade Runner 2049," was dinged for its 2 hour, 44 minute running time. (Even producer Ridley Scott, who directed the first "Blade Runner," agreed that was just "way too long.")

Villeneuve confirmed the news to Canadian site La Pressse (via DarkHorizons).

"Eric Roth has written the first draft and then I worked on it on my side," said Villeneuve. "I have not had such fun creatively since 'Incendies.' I wish I could direct both movies at the same time but it would have been too expensive. We'll do them one at a time."

The director, who also directed the critically acclaimed "Arrival," says he plans to begin pre-production "soon."

No cast has been announced yet, but, if you were holding out for Sting to don that famously skimpy loincloth (or was it a "plastic speedo"?) again, it's a long shot to expect anyone from David Lynch's 1984 production to show up.

[Via Flickering Myth]