Let's play Fill That Slot! Yes, it sounds dirty. But dirty fits right about now.

ABC just canceled "Roseanne," the highest-rated and most watched freshman series of the 2017-2018 TV season. So that means there's an opening. And so many canceled shows are hoping to be plucked from the masses to fill it.

"Roseanne" had a solid Tuesday night timeslot, so it's possible ABC will give that spot to one of its popular existing shows or pilots, either pulling one from midseason or otherwise. But even if they fill the Tuesday primetime spot from in-house, that still leaves an opening on another day/time or midseason.

Enter ... "Lucifer"?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it's worth a shot, so Lucifans used the "Roseanne" cancellation on Tuesday to make their case to ABC.

Funny to think of a show called "Lucifer" as the less problematic option, but there you have it.

Just last night, Fox aired its two "bonus" episodes of "Lucifer," which didn't light up the ratings but they did get the show trending on Twitter with 341,000 tweets.

Fox had canceled "Lucifer" from a "ratings-based decision," so ABC wouldn't be making an even trade to get "Lucifer" for "Roseanne." But the fact that ABC was willing to part with such a cash cow shows they do care about more than just money. And the fans who do watch "Lucifer" are devoted, and would be grateful to their savior.

If ABC isn't interested, there's still hope that "Lucifer" has another taker; the stars have talked about conversations with various networks. It's not over till they say it's over.

A few other past TV show stars also spoke up after ABC canceled "Roseanne," pointing out that they're available, too:

If not "Lucifer," yes to "Pushing Daisies," please. The wonderfully quirky romance dramedy aired two seasons on ABC from 2007 to 2009 and the cast and fans have been pushing for a comeback ever since.

"Enlisted" only got one season on Fox, and since Fox just picked up ABC's "Last Man Standing," maybe ABC would make a trade?

Zach Braff is fresh off "Alex, Inc.," which only lasted one season on ABC. His hit comedy "Scrubs" started out on NBC before ABC saved it for Season 8 and Season 9.

ABC will replace "Roseanne" with something on Tuesday nights this fall. Stay tuned...

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