ABC isn't the only network that doesn't want to be associated with "Roseanne" after its titular star's recent Twitter controversy.

Roseanne Barr sparked outrage on Tuesday morning with her racist remarks about former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, among other offensive comments. Shortly thereafter, ABC canceled the revived sitcom, making it clear that the network considers Barr's comments "abhorrent, repugnant, and inconsistent with [its] values." Now, in the wake of ABC's announcement, "Roseanne" reruns are also being pulled from Viacom cable networks, Laff, and Hulu, as Deadline reports.

The sitcom had been garnering big ratings on ABC, and it was expected to be renewed for its 11th season prior to the cancellation. Outlets took it a step further by opting not to air reruns. They, like ABC, have shown that they don't want such views as Barr's to represent their values.

The situation and the backlash has, however, had some unfortunate collateral damage. The cancellation has put the rest of the "Roseanne" cast -- not to mention the crew -- out of work. Presumably, the actors will also miss out on residuals now that reruns have been yanked. It's a situation that hardly seems fair to those not involved in the controversy. As such, fans have been floating solutions, like a spinoff called "Dan," but so far, the problem remains unsolved.

[via: Deadline]