A new version of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" is currently in the works at Warner Bros., and according to a one report, the studio has already zeroed in on a trio of potential leads -- and it's a list that's almost as quirky as the titular character himself.

Collider is reporting that the three actors currently on the shortlist for the part are Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling, and Ezra Miller. As the site points out, that's a pretty oddball grouping of guys, since they're all such different actors who would bring completely different interpretations to the role.

For our money, Glover would be the obvious choice, given his comedic background and his current wave of successes (the box office haul of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" notwithstanding -- though many fans seem to agree he was the highlight of the flick). Plus, he'd be a totally different, surprising selection for the role, ensuring that audience curiosity would be piqued.

But both Miller and Gosling have existing relationships with Warner Bros. (Miller in the "Fantastic Beasts" franchise and as the Flash in the DCEU, Gosling in a string of flicks including "Crazy Stupid Love" and "Blade Runner 2049"), making their selection seem more likely. Still, Collider reports that Glover "has actively been chasing this role." You wouldn't want to upset Lando Calrissian, would you, Warner Bros.?

This new "Willy Wonka" is still in the early planning stages, so there's not likely to be a selection anytime soon. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the studio makes the right decision, whenever that may be.

[via: Collider]