Netflix CEO Reed Hastings defended "13 Reasons Why" from backlash in the wake of the Season 3 renewal news.

One particularly critical group is the Parents Television Council, which condemned the network and argued it "potentially has the blood of children on their hands" with the series.

"13 Reasons Why" followed the wake of a teenager's suicide, with critics arguing that the show's graphic content glamorized suicide. Netflix added trigger warnings, and -- before Season 2 -- a viewer guide and after show. Season 2 includes a thwarted school shooting plotline, leading the Season 2 Los Angeles premiere to be canceled after the Santa Fe school shooting.

During Netflix's annual shareholders' meeting (via Deadline), Hastings defended the decision to renew the show:

"13 Reasons Why has been enormously popular and successful. It's engaging content. It is controversial. But nobody has to watch it."

Parents Television Council President Tim Winter shared a lengthy statement in response (via Deadline). Here's an excerpt, which mentions SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2:

"Netflix has delivered a ticking time bomb to teens and children who watch 13 Reasons Why. The content and thematic elements of the second season are even worse than we expected. We would have liked to have 13 reasons for hope and redemption following the graphic suicide of the lead female teen character, but rather than providing a path forward, the season only provides cause for despondency.

We condemn Netflix for renewing its teen-targeted suicide drama 13 Reasons Why. The company already potentially has the blood of children on their hands from keeping this series – with its graphic suicide scene, its sodomization of a teen boy and a potential school shooting, among other adult content – on its platform for children to view."

"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 dropped on Netflix May 18, and Season 3 will bring 13 more episodes in 2019.

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