Captain Picard is officially back for one more mission.

Patrick Stewart helped announce the return of his beloved "Star Trek: The Next Generation" character at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention Saturday. The series will air on CBS All Access, the home of the most current Trek show, "Star Trek Discovery."

Alex Kurtzman, the executive producer and showrunner, of "Discovery," welcomed Stewart onto the convention stage for the announcement, but revealed no story details, title, episode count, or when the show will premiere -- just that it will be the next live-action Trek to air on CBS' streaming service.

Sources on background tell Moviefone that, as of earlier this summer, the word on the proposed series was that it was set to take place after the events of 2002's "Star Trek: Nemesis" and pick up with Picard's life "right now", with "now" being in the 24th Century timeline where the captain's previous adventures took place. And that, tonally, Picard will be more in an "Unforgiven-y" place, somewhere in the third act of his life, with some distance between him and his space-based adventures.

Again, these were ideas floating around early Summer 2018, so the story pitch could have (and likely has) changed in some capacity.

At the convention, according to, Stewart revealed that, in the new series, "20 years" will have passed since we last saw Picard. Stewart also said that Picard "may not be a captain any more," and that they have "no scripts yet, we are talking story."

The series' creative team  includes James Duff ("The Closer"), Akiva Goldsman, Kirsten Beyer, and Michael Chabon -- who is also penning one of the recently announced "Star Trek Discovery" shorts, called "Short Treks."

No word yet if the series will feature any of Picard's old crew members or reference the Enterprise, or if he will be back on Earth, running a vineyard, "All Good Things"-style. (Look it up.)

We'll keep you posted as the series develops.