Sean Young, best known for her role in 1982's "Blade Runner," is being sought for questioning in a burglary in Queens in which she allegedly stole film footage.

According to the New York Daily News, Young and her son were videotaped robbing the Pendragon Pictures Production offices in Queens-- the same company who had fired her earlier for reportedly drinking on the job.

The company allegedly offered her amnesty if she returned the stolen property,  which includes a pair of MacBooks worth $5,000 each as well as video production software.

"I really hope she’s OK,"  stand-up comedian Greg Kritikos told the Daily News. He and Young were working on a film about his life. "It is sad. Part of me wants to see good in people, and this is not good thinking on her behalf."

According to the Daily News, videos showed Young and one of her sons loading the items into the back of an SUV parked outside the office. The robbery reportedly happened in broad daylight while the crew was filming nearby.

Kritikos said he texted Young saying: "Charges have been pressed against you and your son. Please be smart and contact me ASAP so we can handle this wisely. The sad part of all this is you dragged your son into it."

The New York Police Department confirmed to THR that they want to talk to the actress about the incident.

Young, 58, recently appeared on the TNT miniseries "The Alienist." Other recent projects include "Bone Tomahawk," a stint on "The Young and the Restless," and competing on the reality ice-skating show "Skating With the Stars."

She (or rather, a digital likeness of her younger self) appeared in "Blade Runner 2049."

She was arrested in 2012 after the Academy Awards for alleged battery after getting into an argument with a security guard at the Governors Ball. The charges were later dropped.

In 2008, she was ejected from the DGA Awards after drunkenly heckling director Julian Schnabel during his speech.

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