"Jeopardy!" is no stranger to viral stunts, and the latest involves some persuasive producers and the proposal of quiz show fans' dreams.

Contestant Michael Pascuzzi ended up coming in second place on Thursday's show. But it was what happened during his portion of the interview segment that will undoubtedly be the more memorable experience for the contestant.

Pascuzzi conspired with the show's producers and host Alex Trebek to stage a surprise proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Maria Shafer, who was sitting in the audience. When Trebek approached Pascuzzi to chat, the host said he didn't have any information about Pascuzzi to share, and ceded the floor to the contestant to say whatever he wanted.

That's when Pascuzzi turned to the crowd and addressed Shafer, asking "if she would make me a winner today and marry me." The camera cut to an already-crying Shafer, who gave an enthusiastic "Yes!" before correcting herself and responding in proper "Jeopardy!" fashion, "What is yes?"

In an interview with Inside Edition, Pascuzzi said that it was producers' idea to have him pop the question on the show, after they asked him how long he had been dating Shafer, and chided him for waiting 10 years to propose.
"I decided to do it right then," he said.

"I asked the other two contestants if they would be cool with it, and they were great," said Pascuzzi, the manager of a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

He had no doubt Shafer would accept, he said. "We were already talking about it," he said. "I know her pretty well."

And Pascuzzi isn't done involving "Jeopardy!" in his major life moments: He wants Trebek to officiate his and Shafer's nuptials, too.

Make it happen, guys! We hear Alex may have some free time coming up soon.