Anya Taylor-Joy in Thoroughbreds

Focus Features and Universal Pictures

Jane Austen's work continues to live on.

The famed British novelist's 1815 novel "Emma" is getting yet another film adaptation, and Anya Taylor-Joy has reportedly landed the title role. The "Thoroughbreds" actress will play protagonist Emma Woodhouse, according to THR.

In the books, Taylor-Joy's character is a young woman with a penchant for matchmaking. However, her best efforts go awry. Plot details for the upcoming "Emma" haven't been revealed, but we assume we'll see at least that much.

It's a story that has proven popular for remakes. In previous "Emma" adaptations, actresses who have taken the title role include the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Beckinsale, and Judy Campbell, among others. The book was even the inspiration for 1995's "Clueless" starring Alicia Silverstone, which offers a modern-day retelling. Coincidentally, news of Taylor-Joy's casting comes the same day as reports that Paramount Pictures has a "Clueless" remake in the works.

In the upcoming "Emma," Taylor-Joy will have the chance to make Austen proud. She'll be directed by Autumn de Wilde, a music video director who is helming her first feature film.

[via: THR]