Now here's some casting we can get behind: Laura Dern and Allison Janney as sisters.

The two Emmy winners will play siblings in the noirish black comedy "Breaking News in Yuba County," according to The Wrap.

Janney will play a character named Sue Bottoms whose husband drops dead of a heart attack. She hides the body and is soon in the spotlight as the search for the missing man heats up. But it's hard to keep the truth from her sister Nancy (Dern), who's a local news anchor angling to break the story.

Tate Taylor ("The Help") will direct and produce. It's based on Amanda Idoko's script, which made the prestigious Black List in 2017. AGC Studios will finance the film.

"The moment I read Amanda’s dark and brilliant script I knew it was the one for Allison," Taylor said in a statement. "She and I have been searching since 'The Help’ for something big to do. So have Laura and I. It’s a perfect story of debauchery and chaos."

Janney, who won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for "I, Tonya," currently stars on the CBS sitcom "Mom."

Dern won an Emmy for HBO's "Big Little Lies" and was nominated for "The Tale." She's also in the upcoming Liam Neeson snowplow-revenge movie "Cold Pursuit."

[Via The Wrap ]