Hanna-Barbera Productions

At long last, classic animated series "Jonny Quest" is headed to the big screen.

TheWrap reports that Chris McKay, who helmed "The LEGO Batman Movie," will direct this new take on "Jonny Quest" for Warner Bros. The short-lived primetime Hanna-Barbera cartoon debuted in 1964 on ABC, and followed the titular boy hero, who went on adventures with his scientist father; his adopted brother, Hadji; and their bodyguard, a former secret agent named Race Bannon. It was cancelled after one season, but remained popular in syndication, inspiring numerous comic book and cartoon continuations.

According to TheWrap, producers are hoping to land "a major movie star" to play Bannon. First, however, they'll have to actually get this project off the ground.

The Hollywood Reporter has a detailed history of the numerous stops and starts that have plagued past attempts to adapt "Jonny Quest." As recently as 2015, Robert Rodriguez was attached to direct. Another version in 2010 was set to star Zac Efron as Jonny and Dwayne Johnson as Bannon. And back in the 1990s, "Superman" director Richard Donner also took a crack and bringing the story to the big screen. Obviously, none of those films ever got made.

McKay, however, seems committed to bringing quirky projects to the big screen, if his dedication to upcoming DC spinoff "Darkwing" is any indication. "Quest" fans should keep their fingers crossed that the director can make this flick actually happen.

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