Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things

Courtesy of Netflix

"Stranger Things" Season 3 just wrapped, but some fans are more worried than excited.

Even though the show took a big step forward, people are alarmed. Social media posts from the show's stars have raised doubts about the future of the show, as People reports. Multiple cast members wrote highly nostalgic and sad messages, making people worry that "Stranger Things" is ending.

Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) was one of the big contributors to the fear, as her Instagram Stories were full of emotional messages, both before and after production wrapped. Not only did she say she was going to "cry all day" on the last day, per People, Brown uploaded a photo showing the tears she'd predicted. Additionally, she wrote to Noah Schnapp (Will) that "this is not okay" and to co-star Sadie Sink (Max) that she "can't say goodbye."

Meanwhile, Sink had her own message to add. She shared a photo in which she and Brown are hugging, and her caption said, "That's a wrap on El and Max. ... Thanks for the memories."

Some fans took their concern to Twitter:

There's some good news, though: Show creators Matt and Ross Duffer have previously talked about how they can see "Stranger Things" going at least until Season 4. More recently, David Harbour (Hopper) told CNET that will likely be one or two more seasons.

"We're either going to season 4 or season 5," he said. "It's still being debated."

Of course, the show going on doesn't mean all the characters will, too. "Stranger Things" has killed off plenty of people in the past, so we can't rule out even more tragic onscreen deaths in the season ahead. We can only hope that none of our favorite characters are casualties.

"Stranger Things" Season 3 arrives next summer on Netflix.

[h/t: People]